There are several uses of “be used to” to express or explain different activities, ok let’s start.

1. Used To : We use this to talk about habit in the past
e.g – I used to drink milk every single day
– I used to visit my cousins once a month
– I used to ride a horse every Sunday morning
( S + Used to + V1 + Adverb (of time) )

2. Be Used To : To talk about habits in the past that still continue
(are,am,is) until now. This one is a little bit different than the
others which use to infinitive, at this one we use
gerund after “to” and it is a must
e.g – We are used to gathering together in our family
– They are used to playing basketball together
– She is used to working in shift system

3. Be To : To express about obligation. We can use this as present,
past, or future
e.g – I am to go now means I must go now
– He is to come to my house now
– She is to leave now

4. Be About To : To talk or to express about going or intend to do
e.g – I am about to leave now
– The company was about to grow
– He was about to come here

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